Cosmetic dentistry can give you the perfect smile

An attractive smile can dramatically help your self esteem and is a vital tool for personal and professional relationships. Cosmetic dentistry makes sure your smile always gives you the best introduction.

Brighten your smile with teeth whithening

Teeth can become stained by foods and beverages, and a discolored smile can make you look older or unhealthy. Teeth whitening can remove stains to make your smile look healthier and younger.

Business woman with an amazing smile

Dental bonding is an inexpensive and convenient approach to repairing minor tooth damage, reshaping teeth, and closing minor gaps in your smile. You can have a new smile after just one visit!

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Porcelain veneers can be used to dramatically improve your smile. They can whiten, straighten, and reshape your teeth. The results are beautiful and can last for decades when properly cared for.

Happy woman holding Invisalign aligner

Invisalign is an orthodontic approach that straightens your teeth without wires or brackets. Smile with confidence. Eat all your favorite foods. Don’t worry about cleaning around braces. And enjoy a straight smile in the same time as traditional braces.

Healthy smile with braces

Are you daunted by the thought of being in braces for a year or more? Six Month Smiles can cut that time in half. Using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, Six Month Smiles is a smart approach to teeth straightening.

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Dental implants can be used to replace one or more lost teeth. The replacement teeth will look and function like natural teeth, and they don’t have to be removed for cleaning–just brush and floss them like normal.

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Dentures have come a long way from what your grandparents wore–nobody has to know you have dentures. And with New You Dentures, your new smile can be the most beautiful, and comfortable one of your life.

General dentistry is preventative dentistry

General dentistry strives to protect and repair your teeth. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are the best way to ensure you have a healthy and attractive smile for life.

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Gum disease is a chronic infection of your gums. Gingivitis is a minor gum infection characterized by red, swollen, bleeding gums. More serious infection, called periodontitis, can cause tooth loss and put your health at risk.

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Now fillings don’t have to look as bad as the cavities they filled. New white fillings can restore the health and beauty of your smile. We offer both resin composite (plastic) fillings and ceramic fillings for the longest-lasting, most beautiful restorative dentistry.

Actual Dental Crowns Patient

Dental crowns can protect and restore damaged or unattractive teeth. Crowns can also support dental bridges, a tooth replacement option that uses your natural teeth to restore the function and beauty of your teeth.

Root canal illustration

An infected tooth isn’t just painful, it’s a danger to your jaw, your other teeth, and even your life. Root canal therapy removes infection from your tooth and makes your tooth attractive and functional again.

Young woman with jaw pain

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) start in your jaw, but their effects can be damaging, even disabling, and far-reaching. TMJ treatment can alleviate jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, ear problems, tingling fingers, and more.

Sleep apnea can cause daytime sleepiness

You might think snoring is just a nuisance, but it could be a sign of sleep apnea, a potentially deadly condition in which your breathing stops while you sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea can both be treated with comfortable and convenient oral appliances.

Portrait of a happy smiling woman with arms folded on gray background

Sometimes it’s not just your teeth that are crooked–crooked teeth can reflect developmental problems in your jaw. Functional orthodontics don’t just straighten your teeth, they expand and reshape the jaw.