Meet Dr. Sherif Radwan

Dr. Radwan received his dental degree from the prestigious dental school at Columbia University in 1990 with a certificate of merit from the American Association of Endodontists for his exemplary work in the field of endodontics.

Dr. Radwan cofounded Perfect Smile of NY where he perfected the art of crafting individual smiles that were true to the name of his company. During that time Dr. Radwan restored over 4,500 porcelain veneers and created hundreds of perfect smiles for his patients, many of who were artists and television personalities.

Academically, Dr. Radwan taught restorative dentistry at Columbia Dental School for twelve years. He holds a patent in root canal treatment and has had articles published on the subject.

Dr. Radwan has helped restore beautiful, majestic smiles to hundreds of patients through the process of extreme smile makeovers.

During his downtime, Dr. Radwan enjoys traveling, collecting watches, long-distance biking, and sporting activities.

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