If you are unhappy with discolored teeth, you might be considering [link id=’50153′ text=’teeth whitening’ esc_html=’false’]. There are many solutions available, but for many people, [link id=’50744′ text=’professional teeth whitening is the best approach’ esc_html=’false’].

But is it the best approach for you? Consider the pros and cons of professional teeth whitening to see if it’s right for you. 

Woman with good balance. Just like this scale - she's weighing the options and pro and cons of Professional Teeth Whitening

Pro: Very Effective

Professional teeth whitening is the most effective teeth whitening solution out there. Because we professionally apply stronger whitening and design trays for home use that are expertly fitted to your teeth, your teeth can be whitened more shades than you can achieve with at-home whitening. 

Con: Doesn’t Work on All Discoloration

Teeth whitening only removes external stains. It can’t help with stains that are inside your teeth, either in the dentin or the enamel. 

However, unlike home whitening, with professional teeth whitening you can know before you start whether the treatment is likely to work. We can assess your stains and give you an accurate assessment of what is causing them and how well they are likely to respond to whitening. We can also offer alternatives like [link id=’50160′ text=’veneers’ esc_html=’false’] that work when whitening doesn’t. 

Pro: Whiten on Your Schedule

With teeth whitening, you can choose how you want to whiten. You can decide to do in-office whitening to dramatically whiten your teeth in about an hour, or choose at-home whitening to gradually lighten your teeth over a period of weeks. At-home whitening generally achieves better results overall, and the two treatments can be combined to achieve the best possible results. 

Con: In-Office Whitening Can Be Uncomfortable

In-office whitening is quick and effective, but it can be a bit uncomfortable. We have to make sure that the powerful whitener doesn’t contact your gums–it can irritate them–so we paint your gums and pack your mouth with gauze to absorb saliva. This works, but some people find it unpleasant. 

Pro: We Can Adjust for Sensitive Teeth

People with sensitive teeth can experience more sensitivity with any teeth whitening system. But when you come to our office, we can adjust the formula to help you experience less sensitivity. We can adjust the power of the whitener and use additives that fortify your teeth against common causes of sensitivity to reduce your risk. 

Con: Some Still May Experience Sensitivity

Unfortunately, it’s still possible that you’ll experience sensitive teeth, especially at first. As we get a sense of the best approach to your teeth, we can reduce it, and eventually you’ll be able to enjoy bright teeth that aren’t sensitive. 

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