Six Month Smiles® in Harriman, NY

One of the things that many people dislike about the prospect of straightening their teeth is the time it takes. Most orthodontic treatment takes a year or more to achieve results. But what if you could get orthodontic treatment done in half the time, and enjoy less discomfort in the process? That’s what Six Month Smiles® offers: shorter, more comfortable orthodontic treatment that still lets you get a straight, beautiful smile.

Six Month Smiles® can help some people get orthodontic treatment finished faster. If you want to learn whether it’s right for you, please call 845-783-6466 today for an appointment with a Harriman cosmetic dentist at Harriman Family Dental.


Six Month Smiles® is a great new approach to orthodontics. It offers many benefits, such as:

  • Complete treatment in half the time
  • More convenient appointments
  • Less discomfort than traditional orthodontics
  • Achieve predictable results
  • Subtle appearance
  • Reduced cost

Six Month Smiles® lives up to its name: good candidates achieve their orthodontic goals in an average of six months. That’s half the time of traditional orthodontics and even Invisalign.

But shorter overall treatment time isn’t the only way Six Month Smiles® saves you time: your appointments are also shorter, too. That’s because it uses a streamlined, efficient approach to these tightening visits that gets you in and out more quickly.

Because of the way it works (more on this later), you will generally feel less discomfort than from other orthodontic treatments.

It’s important to know that it uses a variation on traditional brackets and wires. But this isn’t all bad. In fact, there are many benefits from this approach. Because brackets and wires have been used for hundreds of years, we have a very large body of experience with them. We know how to make them work consistently for predictable results, which isn’t always true for new alternatives to braces.

And it isn’t as if you’ll have bright silver braces on your teeth. Six Month Smiles® uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets to make the appearance of your braces as subtle as possible.

Something you’re probably also happy to hear: because Six Month Smiles® only requires half as long to complete treatment, the cost is often much less than other orthodontic approaches.

How Six Month Smiles® Works

If Six Month Smiles® uses traditional wires and brackets, how is it able to achieve results faster than other orthodontic treatments?

Six Month Smiles® is the epitome of the work smarter, not harder approach. Six Month Smiles® focuses on the teeth in the front of our mouth, the ones that you see when you smile. These teeth are smaller and easier to move than the other teeth in the back of the mouth, which have larger roots. Most of us don’t need to move those back teeth, so we can just focus on moving the ones in the front that make the most difference for your appearance.

Like other modern orthodontic approaches, Six Month Smiles® uses a computerized design approach that streamlines the process, which is how each tightening visit can be made more efficient, too.

Otherwise, Six Month Smiles® works like traditional braces.


Of course, Six Month Smiles® has some limitations. Because it uses traditional wires and brackets, you have to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning around them. And the diet restrictions. But you do have to deal with that for only six months.

And it can’t help if you actually do need to move your back teeth because you have bite problems or need your jaw reshaped. That would require traditional braces or a functional appliance.

But for the right candidate, Six Month Smiles® is a great treatment option. If you want to learn whether you’re a candidate for Six Month Smiles® in Harriman or surrounding communities in Orange County, NY please call (845) 783-6466 today for an appointment at Harriman Family Dental.