Dentures in Harriman, NY

If you have lost one or more teeth, dentures are a traditional approach to replacing them. You might think that they can’t look good, slip out, and are uncomfortable to wear. But dentures come in a wide range of quality. Cheap ones look cheap, fit poorly, and can break because they aren’t designed properly for your bite. Higher quality dentures look great, stay in place, are comfortable, and are built to last.

We offer a full range of tooth replacement options in Harriman. We can perform an exam and give recommendations about the best tooth replacement options for you, including dentures. Please call 845-783-6466 today for an appointment with a denture dentist at Harriman Family Dental.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are teeth replacement options that sit on your gums. They are generally removable, not permanently fixed, although some can be attached to dental implants if you like.

Partial dentures are used when you still have some healthy, functional teeth in an arch (either your upper or lower row of teeth). Full dentures are used when you have lost all teeth in an arch.

Partial dentures are traditionally secured by fitting around your natural teeth and mouth structures. Upper partials can gain additional stability from suction if they have a full plate that extends over the entire roof of the mouth. Partial dentures typically have a base designed to mimic the appearance of natural gums. It is normally made of plastic and metal, though soft, flexible dentures have an entirely plastic base. Flexible dentures are generally considered a temporary solution, used while you are healing from a bad denture, an extraction, or a different dental procedure. Denture teeth can be made of plastic or of ceramic.

Traditionally full dentures fit over the bony ridge that used to hold your teeth, and on top have a full plate that adds suction to help retain the denture. The base is normally made entirely of plastic. Most often, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is used for the base, but other materials are available for people who are sensitive to PMMA.

Problems with Dentures

Although dentures can be an effective tooth replacement option, they can also be problematic. People often complain about problems with them, such as:

  • Loose fit
  • Painful pressure
  • Tendency to break
  • Irritation to teeth and gums
  • Inability to eat/chew
  • Unattractive appearance
  • Aged appearance
  • Sore jaw, headaches, breathing problems

Loose fit can be caused by poor fitting common to cheap dentures, but it can also be the result of the loss of bone that naturally follows the loss of teeth. Poorly fitted dentures are not only loose, but often they will move around and cause painful pressure. Poor denture fit can also make them break–it’s common for ridge to develop in the center of your jaw, which acts as a wedge that puts excessive pressure on this point in your dentures. When you bite down, it can break at this point.

The various hooks, clasps, or protrusions of base material can irritate your teeth and gums. Sometimes it’s more than that–they can cause receding gums or damage to your teeth.

And unfortunately, the traditional methods for securing them is just not adequate for eating and chewing. Many people take out their partials–or even full ones–for eating.

And many people dislike the appearance of theirs. They can look unattractive because they don’t fit right and don’t look natural. Or they can just look fake because of the teeth or base material. They can also make people look prematurely old if they don’t fully replace the volume of teeth and bone lost. This can give people a sunken denture face. This includes deep folds and wrinkles around the mouth, hanging jowls, and a poorly defined jaw line.

And if they aren’t properly designed to fit the bite, they can cause jaw problems similar to TMJ. These can cause pain in your jaw joints, headaches, and may make it hard for you to breathe. Dentures that don’t provide proper occlusion can also make it hard for you to walk and lead an active life.

How Implant Dentures Help

Now we can address many of the common problems people experience using dental implants. Dental implants allow us to anchor them in place. This keeps them from slipping, can eliminate irritation to teeth and gums, and make it easier for your to chew and eat a wide variety of foods.

Dental implants can be used just to hold them in place, or they can actually support them in the bone, just like natural teeth. With this type of implant dentures, you will enjoy function as if you had a full set of natural teeth.

New You Dentures™: Outstanding Beauty, Comfort, and Function

New You Dentures™ are an exciting advanced approach to dentures. New You Dentures™ are fitted using neuromuscular dentistry, which means they’re designed to work harmoniously with your jaws, muscles, and other tissues. This can eliminate jaw pain, headaches, and other TMJ-related symptoms, as well as giving you the most comfortable fit you’ve ever had with them.

New You Dentures™ can also make you look younger. They are crafted with the most natural, attractive replacement teeth available. They also use advanced aesthetic techniques to make the base look more like natural gums than other dentures.

But the real secret that helps you look younger with New You Dentures™ is that they are designed to replace all the volume you’ve lost in tooth and bone. This helps rebuild the lower third of your face, eliminating sunken denture face, reducing wrinkles, and improving your profile, especially your jaw definition.

Are you looking for the best dentures to replace your missing teeth? At Harriman Family Dentistry, we give you many options so you can find the one that’s right for you. Please call (845) 783-6466 or email us today for an appointment.