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A Restorative Cosmetic Option for a Striking New Smile

Is your imperfect smile holding you back from being your true self? Are you embarrassed or self-conscious about flaws in your teeth? If so, porcelain veneers in Harriman, NY offer a simple cosmetic option that quickly and efficiently corrects imperfections such as stains, gaps, chips and other flaws. In as few as two appointments, our acclaimed cosmetic dentists can fabricate and custom-fit porcelain veneers for a magnificent new smile makeover that will leave you proud to show off your pearly whites. Our cosmetic dental experts consider even the smallest of details (e.g., coloring of surrounding teeth, skin tone, gum line, lip line, unique facial features and bone structure) in order to deliver truly stunning results!

Are You A Candidate?

If you have cosmetic imperfections on your teeth (or even just a single tooth) or flaws in the smile zone, you are a candidate for porcelain veneers. While veneers are not designed to correct functional or structural problems (misaligned bites, missing teeth, etc.), they can correct a variety of aesthetic imperfections, including:

Precision Veneer Craftsmanship from an Acclaimed Team

All high-quality porcelain veneers hide imperfections in the teeth and appear perfectly natural. In order to adequately satisfy both of these goals, veneers must be planned, designed, fabricated and placed by a cosmetic dental artist with years of highly specific training. At Harriman Family Dental in Harriman, NY, our cosmetic experts are skilled in the art of veneer engineering and placement. First, our team will take a detailed impression of your teeth. This will allow us to custom fabricate veneers that will fit perfectly over your current/natural teeth. Next, the dentist will remove a fraction of a layer of enamel, in order to give the veneer a perfect bonding service.

Once prepared, the veneers – which are essentially very thin layers of durable ceramic material – are permanently bonded to your teeth to hide any flaws and imperfections. A variety of factors come into play when it comes to handcrafting a perfect set of porcelain veneers. At our state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry facility, we take into consideration the smallest of aesthetic details, including precisely matching the color and tone of your natural teeth. We also consider uniquely personal features like gum and lip lines, jaw contours and facial bone structures, and even your natural skin tone. When all is said and done, your porcelain veneers will perfectly complement your natural features and bring out a brilliant, beaming smile that you never knew you could have!

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