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Why You Should Still Consider Metal Braces

These days, everyone is promoting metal-free braces like Invisalign. And some of the benefits of this approach do seem attractive. Believe us, we’ve helped many people get straight, beautiful smiles with Invisalign and think it’s the right approach for many people. But we also think that not enough people realize that metal ...

This Is Us Star Stands Up to Trolls over His Tooth Gap

Being a celebrity has its ups and downs. Obviously, it’s great to be in the spotlight when you’re being adored, but, unfortunately, with that adoration also comes a certain amount of grief. That’s especially true now, when internet trolls an gang up on celebrities to mock them for perceived shortcomings. That’s why it’s nice to ...

Orthodontics Can Cut Your Gum Disease Risk Almost in Half

If you remember, we considered the serious charges that orthodontic treatment causes your gums to disintegrate. We talked about how that article was flawed. Now we have more scientific evidence to show that, overall, orthodontic treatment reduces your risk of gum disease. The risk of gum disease in later ...

Don’t Believe Inflated Claims about Tooth Loss from Braces

It’s a dramatic claim: braces are bad for your teeth. So bad, in fact, that they can lead to the destruction of your gums and the loss of teeth. The article is long, too, with many sources, which makes it seem convincing. There’s just one problem: there’s nothing in the article or its sources that ...

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