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Twenty Years of Cavity Prevention: CAMBRA Celebrates Proven Successes

What if having a cavity didn’t mean getting a filling? Or, better yet, what if you could do more to prevent cavities than just brushing and flossing? Those are the driving questions behind CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment), which is 21 years young this year. CAMBRA is an approach to dentistry that ...

8 Secrets You Should Know about Tartar

One of the most important parts of your professional cleaning is the removal of tartar from your teeth. But what do you really know about tartar? Here are some of the secrets about tartar that you should know. Tartar Is Hardened Plaque The tartar that your dentist or hygienist has to scrape ...

Don’t Believe That Unhealthy Gut Causes Receding Gums

The Internet has been great for distributing information. Unfortunately, that also includes misinformation, and it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference. Identifying the false information can be hard, and it’s tempting to believe articles that offer you a simple solution to a complex problem. And that’s the case with a recent natural news ...

Don’t Believe Inflated Claims about Tooth Loss from Braces

It’s a dramatic claim: braces are bad for your teeth. So bad, in fact, that they can lead to the destruction of your gums and the loss of teeth. The article is long, too, with many sources, which makes it seem convincing. There’s just one problem: there’s nothing in the article or its sources that ...

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