Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until There’s a Problem to See Your Dentist

Most people understand that it’s important to see your dentist regularly to protect your oral health. But there’s a large percentage (including about 38% of New Yorkers) that don’t make regular dental visits. Here’s why that’s not a good idea. It’s Expensive Many people cite cost as a reason why they don’t see their dentist [...]

Switching from Smoking to Vaping Improves Oral Health

E-cigarettes are dramatically increasing in popularity. But, despite the fact that millions of people around the country are vaping, we don’t yet know the health consequences of the habit. However, a new study suggests that e-cigarettes might be much healthier than smoking, at least for the mouth. This study shows that when smokers substitute e-cigarettes [...]

Prosecco Isn’t the Only Wine That’ll Damage Your Teeth (Or Even the Worst)

Orange County, NY is wine country. It’s a well-kept secret, but it’s true. Not only do we love our wine, but we have many fine wineries in the countryside of the the beautiful and fertile Hudson Valley. However, our wine habit isn’t always good for our teeth. Recently, there’s been a focus on the potential [...]

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