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Coronavirus-Related Dental Questions

We understand that people are nervous and uncertain about what they can do to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus and its illness COVID-19. Here are some of the answers to common questions we get.  Should I Boil My Toothbrush to Kill the Virus? This question comes up regularly in relation to all kinds [...]

Bonding, Veneers, or Crowns–What’s Better for Your Chipped Tooth?

If you have chipped one or more teeth, you might be unhappy with the results. Perhaps it’s just the appearance of chipped teeth that makes you reluctant to smile. Or maybe you’re finding it hard to bite and chew with your damaged teeth. You might even experience sensitivity or discomfort. So you want to repair [...]

Is 2020 the Right Year for You to Get Braces?

If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth, you’ve probably been considering braces. Maybe you’ve been putting it off for a while, unsure what to do about your teeth. But the time for uncertainty might be over. Now is a great time to get braces. Here’s why.  Better Orthodontic Options Than Ever Now is an exciting time [...]

Ancient Humans Lacked Cavity-Causing Bacteria

This week we learned of an exciting scientific discovery. Researchers used a 5700-year-old piece of “chewing gum,” to reconstruct the genome of the young woman who chewed it. But it wasn’t just her DNA they discovered in the gum. The gum was also full of the oral bacteria in the woman’s mouth when she chewed [...]

Keeping Teeth Shiny Helps Them Stay Healthy

Keeping your teeth beautiful isn’t just for vanity. Beyond the appearance benefits when it comes to getting a date or getting a job, many of the things that make teeth beautiful are closely related to their health.  That’s true of the shine on your teeth. If you can keep your teeth shiny, they are more [...]

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